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Brigitte Vincken’s GODS & HEROES combine the natural beauty of anatomical perfection with the refined aesthetics of classical art. There is beauty in the tender gesture of a masculine hand emerging from deep shadows, gently placed on the waist of a sculpture of Apollo, Aphrodite or a fragment of a statue of a satyr. Flesh versus stone. The gym-toned forms of Vincken’s male models mirror age-old poses. Similar to the petulant actions of the gods themselves, there is an element of capriciousness and playfulness to her images.

“I have always had a weakness for male beauty,” admits Vincken. “I am fascinated by the symbolism of power and elegance and I was interested in changing the mood, to see the statues from another perspective. You need to respect the integrity of the originals, but it was then up to the models to reinterpret the drama. By combining the two worlds, you no longer know whether the male figure is mortal or immortal.”

The images of classical Greek and Roman statues are divided into two series. The first series of images are set in outdoor landscapes, with the priceless statues being air-lifted by a helicopter to snowy, alpine settings, as though the 5thCentury BC Greek gods have been taken back to Mount Olympus. The second series of images have been taken in her studio with living athletes, dancers and models imitating the poses of ancient sculptures. (tekst by Jonathan Turner, curator, Rome)


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